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The nameplates’ processing and installation methods.

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The nameplates' processing and installation methods.

1.  Common Processes.

a. Stamping, forging, diamond cutting, etching, anodizing, wire drawing, laser engraving, electroplating, spraying, screen printing and other production processes.

2.  Font treatment methods:

a. High-gloss treatment.

Diamond cutting (also known as batch flower, the general slope of the pattern is 45 degrees, according to customer requirements to produce different patterns, generally have a smooth slope, reverse slope, arc pattern, straight pattern, CD pattern, sun pattern, etc.).


b. Brushing treatment.

The paint on the surface of the logo nameplate is pulled out using a brushing machine, and the pattern can be made by using different grit belts according to the customer's requirements.


c. Sandblasting.

This process is more complicated, after the whole nameplate is sandblasted, after the sandblasting must be oxidation treatment. 


3.  Nameplate's installation method.

a. Installing with pins.

The mould can be made according to the requirements of the customer such as the length of the foot, the diameter of the foot, the centre distance of the foot, etc. After the marking is made, the marking itself will come with its own foot peg. There are various ways to install this type of nameplate with feet, such as bending the feet and fixing them behind the panel, etc.


b. Adhesive-backed nameplate or logo sticker.

Aluminium nameplate can be backed with various types of adhesive backing, depending, most users use 3M adhesive. These are simple to install, just remove the layer of release paper on the surface and stick it directly.


c. Aluminium nameplate perforation

This type of logo is mainly fixed to the product by nails, this type is more common in furniture applications.


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