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The main types of nameplates

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Nameplates are a new type of industry in China, and in this industry sector there are now a collection of tens of thousands of large and small signage companies. With the development of the times, more and more companies are using nameplates, as they have a greater advantage in opening up the market for their products. At the same time, there are more and more types of nameplates. This article will give a brief introduction to the main types of nameplates, the main types of nameplates and other basic information will be mentioned in this article.

Decoration Adhesive-driping Epoxy Nameplate

What are the main types of nameplates?

What are the main advantages of PET material?

How to properly maintain a nameplate?

What are the main types of nameplates?

Stainless steel nameplates

This product is made of stainless steel, which is not coloured after corrosion processing. The surface is covered with protective film. The product has a fine texture. Bright and clear, exquisite and beautiful. Suitable for furniture. Household goods. Electrical trademarks, etc. Stainless steel nameplates can be processed by means of corrosion, die-casting or printing.

Nickel electroformed nameplates

Electroformed signs are made of copper, nickel and gold. The surface is bright, the periphery smooth, the graphics accurate and the weather resistance is particularly good. It has an even better corrosion resistance. However, the main disadvantage of electroformed nickel moulds is that their master moulds are expensive to produce and therefore nickel electroformed nameplates are more expensive. In addition, uniformity of thickness and good uniformity of plating is one of the main characteristics of electroless nickel plating and one of the reasons for its wide application.

Laser cutting PET electronic plating nameplates

This type of nameplate uses PET material and laser cutting technology, which is suitable for the cutting of precision fittings and the fine cutting of various craft characters and paintings. As a result, this type of nameplate is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also of excellent quality.

These are the main types of nameplates, the main materials used for different types of nameplates are different and different types of nameplates have different characteristics, we recommend that you understand the characteristics of each type before you buy a nameplate. In addition to the types mentioned above, there are many other types of nameplates that our company offers. There is a great variety of nameplates for a wide range of uses and an extremely rich diversity in terms of their forms of application and means of presentation.

What are the main advantages of PET material?

PET material is a common material used in the production of nameplates. The main characteristics of this material are its high transparency, its ability to block UV rays and its glossy nature. What's more, it is non-toxic, odourless, hygienically safe and meets all the standards of modern society.

How to properly maintain a nameplate?

Proper maintenance of nameplates is very important to prolong their life. In order to better maintain the beauty of the surface layer of the signage, cleanliness, the colour of the paint intact and the stability of its components, people should try to reduce the impact of hard objects or sharp objects with it, stabbing scratch.

The above is the full introduction of nameplate, through the above introduction, do you have more understanding of nameplate?Maxswall was established in 1989, for more than 30 years has been committed to the production and sales of nameplate, veneer, label, LOGO. We have strict quality control over all our products. We insist on the principle of "honesty, cooperation and win-win" and the corporate culture of "family, cohesion, ethics and attitude". If you need to know more about our products, please contact us in time and we will provide you with the best service.


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