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The Advantages of Nickel Electro-forming metal logo.

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Nickel electroformed logo are widely used for different industrials and are being praised by more and more people. It was processed with electroplating and electroforming technology, the finished color can be customised according to customer requirements. The back of the electroforming logo comes with glue, tear off the release paper and paste it directly onto the product, it is very convenient to use.


The Advantages of Nickel Electroforming metal logo.

1. Gross and bright surface, beautiful appearance, no corrosion, no colour loss, no defects.

2. Paste firmly, not easy to fall off: the back brush glue or compound strong 3M double-sided adhesive, tear off the release paper and can be easily paste on products.

3. nickel logo sticker's common colors: gold, silver, copper, nickel, gun black, matte, glossy and other colours, as well as multi-color, laser anti-counterfeiting and other colour effects. (Can be customized according to actual colour requirements)


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