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Why choose our nameplates?

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A nameplate is a nameplate, also known as a sign, that is fixed to a product after it has been placed on the market to provide the user with information such as the manufacturer's trademark identification, brand differentiation, and product parameters in mind. It is vital for companies and individuals alike. The product we are introducing in this article is the nameplate, the advantages of which are briefly explained in this article.


Printing Logo And Text Nameplate for Electronic

What are the advantages of nameplate?

The importance of laser cutting in the production of nameplates.

The main uses of nameplate


What are the advantages of nameplates?



Non-natural signs that have been designed have some degree of artistry. It meets both practical requirements and aesthetic principles. Giving people a sense of beauty is the basic requirement for its artistry. Generally speaking, signs with a strong artistic character are more appealing and infectious, giving people a strong and deep impression. The nameplates produced by our company can guarantee you a visual effect of great beauty.



Customisation is the basic premise of nameplate production, as nameplates are diverse and versatile, and have an extremely rich diversity in terms of their application, composition and means of expression. However, our company's nameplates are mainly customised and we can meet any of your needs in the production process.


Good quality

Take our electroformed nickel thin nameplates as an example, as electroformed nickel moulds are durable, scratch resistant and relatively easy to repair, and have good release from most commonly used composite materials, which makes them durable, among other things.


These are the main characteristics of nameplates. Our company has strict quality control over any of our products. During the production process, any material has a high degree of chemical stability. The service life, good quality nameplates can be used for a long time without rusting and peeling. Appearance is one aspect, our company pays more attention to the quality of the product.


The importance of laser cutting in the production of nameplates.


Laser cutting in the nameplate production process is an important link, it is used to focus the laser beam on the surface of the material, so that the material melted, while the compressed gas with the laser beam coaxial blow away the melted material, and make the laser beam and the material along a certain track for relative movement, so as to form a certain shape of the slit. Laser cutting is more accurate than traditional cutting technology, its high precision is self-evident. It is mainly used for the cutting of precision parts and the fine cutting of various craft characters and paintings.


The main uses of nameplates


The use of nameplates is very wide, and it is aimed at different groups of people. For example, there are those dedicated to social groups, enterprises, renhe, activities, such as emblems, meeting marks, factory marks, social marks, etc.; there are trademarks dedicated to certain commodity products; there are also those dedicated to items belonging to a collective or individual. In short, nameplates can be said to be ubiquitous in our lives.


Do you know more about nameplate from the above introduction? Maxswall was established in 1989 and has been manufacturing and selling nameplates, veneers, labels and logos for over 30 years. We have strict quality control over all our products. We adhere to the "integrity, cooperation, win-win" as the principle of cooperation, "family, cohesion, morality, attitude" as the corporate culture. If you need to know more information about our products, please contact us promptly and we will provide you with the best service.


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