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What are the main differences between stamped and etched nameplates?

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With the improvement of urban planning, nameplates have become indispensable. Whether for individuals or companies, nameplates play an important role in representing the image and increasing publicity. However, there is a wide range of nameplates on the market. This article will briefly analyse and introduce the basic situation of nameplates, the selection of nameplates and the process characteristics of stamped nameplates.

Custom Logo Printing Text Nameplate


The main differences between stamped and etched nameplates

The characteristics of extruded aluminium nameplates.

How do I choose a nameplate?


The main differences between stamped and etched nameplates


There are essential differences between stamped and etched nameplates in terms of process production. Firstly, stamped nameplates have a high cost performance ratio, high dimensional accuracy and a time-consuming and efficient stamping process, which makes them suitable for repeated use. At the same time, etched signs are better looking and less prone to damage, and can last a long time. Unlike direct screen printing ink, there is a possibility of paint loss. The different processes have different advantages and their prices are different, so you need to choose according to your needs.


Features of extruded aluminium nameplates.


As aluminium extrusion technology is easier to achieve and the cost of equipment is relatively low, it has also made it widely available at the lower end of the market in previous years. More specifically, extrusion offers a great deal of flexibility in that it is possible to produce products of different shapes, sizes and varieties on the same machine by simply changing the tooling. As a result, extruded aluminium nameplates are a very common item on the market and their economic adaptability and flexibility are excellent.


How to choose a nameplate?

Judging the experience of the nameplate company

The experience of the nameplate company is crucial to the purchase of a nameplate. Because the nameplate is a customised product, there is still a lot of need to optimise its design programme based on actual production experience in the process of designing the nameplate from drawings to processing. Avoid design solutions in the processing and production process can not be achieved. The more experienced the nameplate company is, the stronger the ability to optimise the nameplate design scheme.


Determining nameplate materials

Different materials have different characteristics for nameplates. The occasion needs to be used to determine the material of the nameplate, the general material can be applied to the majority of occasions, but some occasions will have to use the nameplate signage. Different materials have different textures and are also suitable for different personalities and products.


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