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Casio GP-500 Digital Piano Nameplate


Customer Finished Product


Customer Finished Product


Customer Finished Product

    CASIO is a producer of electronic instruments, electronic calculators, founded by in 1946 in Tokyo, Japan.

    Internationally, Japan is recognized as a major producer of electronic and digital pianos. There are also many digital piano brands in Japan, among which the most famous ones are YAMAHA digital piano and CASIO digital piano.

    CASIO digital piano uses pulse code modulation technology instead of analog technology, in addition to having similar mechanical properties and high imitation of the piano, it also pioneered many analog timbre, tone-changing and so on.

    Over the past 25 years, Maxswall and Casio have been working closely on hardware supports, decorative nameplates and loudspeaker grilles. Through the efforts of the team, Maxswall was honored to be selected as an excellent supplier by Casio in 2018.

    This GP-500 performance digital piano adopts black and gold as the main color, which shows more solemn and ritual sense. We look forward to more brilliant cooperation in the future. We believe that professional and dedicated service of maintenance can help customers create a better tomorrow.

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