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The production process of nameplate

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The nameplate is an important product in modern business and it is vital for businesses and individuals alike. In this article, we would like to introduce the nameplate, and we will briefly explain the process and basic features of the nameplate in order to help you.


Metal Stainless Steel Etching Nameplate for Machinery Equipment

What is nameplate?

What are the processes used in the manufacture of nameplate?

The basic features of nameplate


What is nameplate?


A nameplate is an important indication of a company or firm. nameplate is also known as a label, which is used to record the manufacturer and some technical data for the correct use of the equipment under rated operating conditions without damaging it. It is worth noting that nameplates are made from very flexible materials, with metal and non-metal materials being used to produce them. We recommend paying attention to the size and popularity of the manufacturer before purchasing a nameplate to avoid problems with product quality and after-sales service.


What are the processes used in the manufacture of nameplate?



The first step in the nameplate manufacturing process is extrusion, a pressure processing method in which a punch or a die is used to apply pressure to a blank placed in a concave die to produce a plastic flow, thus obtaining a part corresponding to the shape of the die's hole or concave or convex die.



The aim of this step is to produce parts of a certain shape, size and performance, by means of a press with the power of conventional or specialised press equipment, in which the sheet is directly subjected to deformation forces and deformed in the die.


Laser cutting

Laser cutting is the main technology in the production process of nameplates, it uses a high power density laser beam to irradiate the material to be cut, so that the material is quickly heated to vaporisation temperature, evaporating to form holes, with the beam moving against the material, the holes continuously form a very narrow width of the slit to complete the cutting of the material. This technique of laser cutting is very efficient and ensures the accuracy of the product being cut.


In addition to the above three steps, the important process for nameplates is also e-forming, which is the final step in the production of nameplates. These are the main processes involved in the production of a nameplate. Our nameplates are highly customisable and flexible, so please send us your dimensional drawings and printed artwork. We will do our best to be your best OEM partner. Contact us now.


Basic features of the nameplate



The essence of nameplate is its utility. Although an artistically designed logo has an ornamental value, the logo is not primarily intended for viewing, but for practical use. A good nameplate needs to be both durable and functional.



Unlike advertising or other promotional items, nameplates generally have a long-term use and are not easily altered.


Do you know more about nameplate from the above introduction? Maxswall was established in 1989 and has been manufacturing and selling nameplates, veneers, labels and logos for over 30 years. We have strict quality control over all our products. We adhere to the "integrity, cooperation, win-win" as the principle of cooperation, "family, cohesion, morality, attitude" as the corporate culture. If you need to know more information about our products, please contact us promptly and we will provide you with the best service.


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