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The importance of nameplates for modern businesses

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Nameplate is a kind of information communication media, it has the function of advertising and warning. This product is designed with a large degree of freedom, the existing common mould fonts can be divided and connected, the edges are smooth and burr-free, the colours are brilliant, the surface is shiny and three-dimensional, the whole is smooth and the weather resistance is very good. The nameplate itself is a highly customisable product and as such it is used in many fields. This article will combine the development of the nameplate with its importance to modern businesses.

Laser Cutting PET Electronic Plating Nameplate

The history of nameplates

The recommended reasons for using the nameplate.

Why are nameplates durable?

The history of the nameplate

The nameplate industry is a new type of industry in China, and there are now tens of thousands of signage companies, large and small, in this sector. They have a long history and have been in the process for nearly 20 years. The initial use of nameplates was to cater for the needs of the medical, work and transport sectors.

As time went on, more and more companies used nameplates, as they had a greater advantage in opening up the market for their products. The range of nameplates has also developed and is now a well-established system. At the same time, the development of nameplate production cannot be separated from the renewal of machines and equipment and the increasing creativity of people. High-precision engraving machines, silk-screening machines, etching machines and sun printing machines have greatly improved the fineness and efficiency of signage production, and the signage produced has become more beautiful and sophisticated.

The recommended reasons for using the nameplate.


The variety of nameplates can change depending on the material and process, making it a very customisable product. Today signage is constantly advancing with industry and technology to meet people's needs.

Exceptional quality

Today's nameplates are all computerised from design to production and processing, greatly reducing labour costs, improving efficiency and producing more sophisticated and accurate signage.

These are the main advantages of nameplates. Although the artistically designed nameplates have ornamental value, the signs are not mainly for ornamental purposes, but for practical purposes. With the rapid development of technology and economy, all walks of life are growing up like a spring, and the requirements for nameplates are also higher. With such social demands, the durability of nameplates will a strong guarantee.

Why is a nameplate durable?

The reason why the nameplate is durable is because it has been subjected to a rigorous process. In the production of a nickel electroformed nameplate, for example, the plate is degreased and washed, printed with a photoimageable plating-resistant photopolymer, developed in the sun, and then post-exposed to increase the plating resistance of the photopolymer. The electroplated nickel layer is highly stable in air and resists corrosion by the atmosphere, alkalis and certain acids. At the same time, the reason for the durability of the nameplate hai

The above is the full introduction of nameplate, through the above introduction, do you have more understanding of nameplate?Maxswall was established in 1989, for more than 30 years has been committed to the production and sales of nameplate, veneer, label, LOGO. We have strict quality control over all our products. We insist on the principle of "honesty, cooperation and win-win" and the corporate culture of "family, cohesion, ethics and attitude". If you need to know more about our products, please contact us in time and we will provide you with the best service.


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