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How to choose the printed nameplate’s ink?

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How to choose the printed nameplate's ink?

Screen printing is commonly used in the production process of nameplate or logo,  which can be a good expression of more pattern color and text.

Therefore, how to choose the ink suitable for printing standards of nameplate products is also a very important link.

Material: PC, PVC, PET, PMMA materials are common to see in the production of nameplate, we have to choose the most suitable ink accordign to the material. However, the material must be selected according to the face of the need for screen printing also, such as a fast metal has been baked lacquer, its better to choose the baked lacquer ink rather than metal ink.

Application environment: The nameplate’s using environment is very complex,choosing the right ink according to the environment.  such as outdoor, we have to consider the ink with the function of sunlight resistance, rain resistance of a variety of characteristics.

Standards: Our printing products mostly use imported or domestic high-quality brand ink as per customer’s requirement,  which match following standards.

1 Adhesion should be good, to pass the ink hundred grid test.

2 After printing the ink should be high definition, color and color can not penetrate each other, and wheather resistance should be good.

3 The ink viscosity should not be too high, otherwise there will be pulling phenomenon, that will affect the quality of printed products.

4. Choosing the most suitable ink type according to logo’s material.

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