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The principle and characteristics of electroforming nameplate.

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The principle  and characteristics of electroforming nameplate.

What is the principle of electroforming process ?

Electroforming is a process that uses the principle of electrolysis to electrodeposit a certain thickness of metal on a core mould, and then separates the two to create a mould cavity.  Electroforming is also known as the "cloning" technology.

Electroformed nameplate is a kind of high-end nameplate with strong metallic texture, which is common used in daily life. Such as car nameplate, high-grade bags and leather goods, furniture, audio, golf clubs and so on.

What are the characteristics of electroforming process?

1. Copy the surface contour and micro grain accurately , so can be precision processing, easy to process the emergence of complex shape parts.

2. Obtain high dimensional accuracy, can process surface roughness less than 0.001mm, the same core mold production of electroforming consistency is better.

3. electroforming is the use of deposition molding, no matter how complex the shape, the use of electroforming can be a good copy, it can also be completed with mechanical processing difficult to shape, or even impossible to shape the cavity.

Compared with the traditional process, the electroforming process has the following obvious characteristics:

  • The complex diversity of surface treatment effects.

In the same surface can be processed into beveled, horizontal, matte, mirror, three-dimensional (raised) and other composite effects; compared with this, stamping can generally only be processed into the required shape size, or limited three-dimensional effect.

  • Strong metallic feel, high grade, good abrasion resistance.

  • Stable chemical properties.

Both the base material and the surface coating of the sign have extremely stable chemical properties, so there is no need to worry about rusting even in extremely humid environments.

  •  Highly polishable.

Nickel is a highly polishable metal, and electroformed nickel can achieve a perfect mirror effect after polishing than stainless steel mirror surface signs.

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