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Decorative Nameplate Anodizing Aluminum For Industrial

A nameplate or Logo is a sign, usually rectangular in shape, on which the name of a person, product or place is mainly written. Nameplates mainly play an identification role, for example, in offices, nameplates logos are mainly installed on doors or walls to identify employees' office space, while in retail scenarios, nameplates or logos on products allow people to identify the brand.


In metal nameplate products, the proportion of aluminum logo is as high as about 90%, mainly because aluminum has the strongest decorative expression, and nameplates processed with aluminum can obtain a colorful and advanced decorative layer. On the other hand, it is due to a series of excellent characteristics of aluminum, such as light weight, easy processing, good corrosion and weather resistance, non-magnetic, and abundant resources.

More options for OEM service. 

NamePlate Basic Information
Material  Aluminum, Stainless   Steel, PET, PC , Nickel , etc.
Finish Anodizing, Painting ,   Electronic Plating , Printing
Color Pantone , RAL , CMYK
Thickness  Customized
Processes  Extrusion, Stamping ,   Laser Cutting , Electronicforming
Application Smarthome , Consumer   Electronics
Artwork /Drawing  CoreDraw , AI , Auto   CAD , PDF

Product's Specifications:

  • Decorative nameplate anodizing aluminum for industrial. 

Decorative Nameplate Anodizing Aluminum For Industrial

  • The aluminum nameplate witht the feature of light weiight, the weight of nameplate is around 136g. 

Decorative Nameplate Anodizing Aluminum For Industrial

  • Backside visual for the Digital China Aluminum nameplate. 

Decorative Nameplate Anodizing Aluminum For Industrial

Decorative Nameplate Anodizing Aluminum For Industrial

  • Maxswall could OEM similiar parts as below , kindly share with us your detailed requirement to get a free FDM report.

OEM SUS Small Painting Industrial Nameplate

  • RFQ (the problems you may concerned):

Q1: What materials are available for your logo?

A: Steel, Aluminum, PET, Nickel, Epoxy are commonly used in logo processing.

Q2: What is MOQ for your logo products?

A: 1000pcs each. It depends on material or detailed process requirement.

Q3: Can i get some free samples?

A: Yes, we can provide some laser samples for free.

Q4:How long does the sample take to reach me?

A: 3days for laser cutting sample and 5-7days for transportation.

Q5: How to guarantee the printing color is what I want?

A: Usually we print it according to pantone color, the color deviation is in 10%. Its better to follow the sample's color.

Q6: What’s your surface finished options for metal logo?

A: Plating, Painting, powder spraying, Anodizing,etc.

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