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CNC carving technology and its advantages.

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CNC carving technology and its advantages.

CNC carving technology is good at small tool finishing, with milling, grinding, drilling and high-speed tapping capabilities, is widely used in 3C industry, mould industry, medical industry and many other fields. What exactly is this process and its advantages?

CNC Carving Process.

The essence of the CNC carving process is a small tool high-speed fine engraving process,the products came out with a high-quality, efficient and easy to complete.

It is the precision engraving technology after years of scientific research and practice to get a complete set of carving technology, this set of engraving technology worked smoothly and efficiently to ensure the accuracy of the manufactured products is 20 times the ordinary process.

Moreover, the product is formed in one piece, no longer to be assembled and shaped with parts like the ordinary process.

The advantages of CNC engraving

It can be done with a variety of treatment effects, similar to high-gloss, brushed, etc, and also achieve three-dimensional effects on the product, giving the metal itself an enhanced texture.

CNC also has the advantage that it is easy to modify the dimensional parameters through programming. It is not easy to modify the dimensions of the appearance of a die-casting process after the mould has generally been opened. CNC engraving, on the other hand, can also produce point custom patterns, text and decoration onto the product.

At the same time the manufacturing error rate is almost non-existent, the 3D modelling blueprint of the product is designed and imported into the computer of the finishing machine, which automatically polishes the finished product, saving a lot of labour costs, and the efficiency and precision is far beyond the ordinary process.

What materials are suitable for CNC Carving processing?

Non-metallic materials suitable for fine engraving include Plexiglas, resin, PMMA, PC, acrylic, etc. The CNC engraving process is developing towards multi-head, high-gloss, intelligent overlap and online inspection, becoming more intelligent, and the types of products processed will also expand towards graphite, jewellery and glass, and the processing range will be wider.

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