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Silk-Screen printing processed on membrane switch and graphic overlay.

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Silk-Screen printing processed on membrane switch and graphic overlay.

Screen printing refers to the use of a screen as a plate base, and through the photographic plate making method, a screen printing plate with graphics is made. Screen printing consists of five major elements, screen printing plate, squeegee, ink, printing table, and substrate.


Screen printing (screen printing) is a very important process in the production of membrane switch panels, acrylic panels, capacitive touch circuits. The pattern and text of the panel layer, the silver paste line of the lower circuit layer, the insulating oil of the line layer, and the frosting oil of the panel layer are all printed on the substrate by screen printing.

How is the pattern printed out by the high-precision screen printing?

1 Principle:

the use of screen printing plate graphics part of the mesh through the ink, non-graphic part of the mesh impervious to the basic principle of printing.  When printing, the ink is poured into one end of the screen printing plate, and the squeegee is used to apply certain pressure on the ink part of the screen printing plate while moving towards the other end of the screen printing plate. The ink is squeezed by the squeegee in the movement from the mesh of the graphic part to the substrate.

In this process, the ink is printed onto the flat PC, PET, and acrylic substrates through the mesh holes of the graphic part. Then the ink on the substrate is dried and the next step is carried out.

2 High precision:

How high is the accuracy of the high-precision screen printing machine used in the factory? The minimum line width of text pattern is ≥0.2mm, and the line width of key stroke is ≥0.3mm.

Our printing technology orders are processed basically through the automatic screen printing machine and semi-automatic screen printing machine:

1 The process flow of fully automatic screen printing machine is as follows.

Raw materials --- automatic feeding (double-sided dust removal, tearing protective film, static removal) --- automatic printing (punching positioning holes, quality inspection lights) --- automatic baking and winding (automatic varnishing, film protection, laminating tape, release paper, etc.) --- subsequent processes can achieve automatic punching and cutting --- finished products

The automatic screen printer will automatically feed the machine and the machine will screen print according to the set speed. After the ink is evenly covered on the substrate, the machine will then automatically dry the ink. Fully automatic screen printing machine is less work, the machine will dry automatically, only need 1 worker to pay attention to whether the machine is in normal operation and observe whether the pattern is clear at the side.

2 Semi-automatic screen printing machine

Semi-automatic screen printing machine needs workers to feed manually, and then manually take out the substrate after the ink has been printed and put it on the assembly line.

Then the workers at the end of the assembly line need to pick up the substrates one by one, each piece is separated, and then put one layer on a thousand layers, and in a worker to push into the drying machine to dry the ink that has just been printed on.

Membrane switch's graphic overlay, acrylic panels, silver paste circuits are generally done with semi-automatic screen printing machines. Large quantities of PC, PET panel layer, with automatic screen printing machine to print the pattern, thus to save the time and improve the efficiency grealty.

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