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Features of plastic materials for graphic overlays

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Features of plastic materials for graphic overlays

PC, PVC and PET materials are commonly used in control panel processing. Each material has its own characters.

PC material.

The most commonly used plastic material for electronic’s control panel, the PC's physical and chemical properties is an amorphous, odourless, non-toxic, highly transparent colourless or slightly yellow thermoplastic engineering plastic. It has the advantages of low water absorption, low shrinkage, low creep, high dimensional accuracy, low permeability, good weather resistance, oil resistance, acid resistance, etc.

PC film material is divided into matt and glossy,Matt material is often used in the control panel of outdoor products,which can avoid the interference of light, will not produce bright reflections, PC glossy material is more colourful, can be used for decorative requirements and do not often need to use in outdoor scenes.

PVC materials.

PVC film material is mainly composed of polyvinyl chloride and is translucent and shiny in a slightly yellowish state.

PVC film has unique properties, being rainproof, fire resistant, insulating, anti-static and easy to mould. PVC is also capable of low input and high output. Its price is lower than other film materials, about half that of PC film materials. The environmental performance of PVC film materials is relatively poor.

PET material.

PET film material is polyester resin, a milky white or light yellow highly crystalline polymer with a smooth and glossy surface.

PET film materials have many advantages, such as high transparency, high hardness, good folding resistance, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and good anti-ageing properties. There are certain special application scenarios, such as insulation, tensile and compressive resistance, solvent corrosion resistance,etc.

Relatively speaking, the price of PET film material is higher slightly.  We often see it on the high-end home appliances and electronic products.

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