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Capacitive Touch Panel's Specification.

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The Specification Of Capacitive Touch Panel.

  • Principle

sensor principle

There is an inductive capacitance between any two conductive objects. A key, that is, a Sensor Pad and the ground can also form an inductive capacitance. When the surrounding environment remains unchanged, the inductive capacitance value is a fixed and small value. When a human finger is close to the touch key, the inductive capacitance formed by the human finger and the ground is connected in parallel with the inductive capacitance formed by the Sensor Pad and the ground, which will increase the total inductive capacitance value. After the capacitive touch key IC detects that the

inductive capacitance value of a key changes, it will output a confirmation signal that a key is pressed.

  • Features:

1. Multi-Substrate Options(Glass、PC、PET、PMMA,etc.)

2. 3D Surface (High Flexiblity and Mouldable.)

3. Wide Application(Strong chemical  or high temperature and  and high humidity industries)

4. Backlight Diversity( designed to any display, size, color.)

5. Great Touch(Apply all capacitive products)

6. Various forms of input(Sliding, rotating, single-touch, etc.)

  • Function Applications:

1. Household appliances: washing machines, kitchens, air conditioners, microwave ovens, induction cookers, etc;

2. Car devices: air conditioners, players, etc.;

3. Medical Devices: blood glucose meters, infusion pumps, disposable surgical equipment, oxygen devices, etc.

4. Intelligent toys, Communication products, etc.

Kindly share with us your detailed requirement for the control panel of your eletronical products, let us customize it for you.


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