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Membrane switch and membrane panel usage and precautions

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Membrane switch and membrane panel usage and precautions.


Application method:

1. Clean the surface to be laminated (the surface to be laminated must be flat, rust-free, oil-free and dust-free);

2. Compare the size of the membrane switch (put the membrane switch to the place where it is to be attached, and compare the size and position);

3. Peel off about 10mm of the release paper from the bottom of the membrane switch.

4. Put the membrane switch into the corresponding position and stick a part of it, then slowly tear off the remaining release paper (the angle cannot exceed 15 degrees).

5. If the membrane switch is removed from the release paper during the pasting process, it should be placed with the reverse side upwards to prevent it from sticking to other objects.


1. The paste cannot be repeated, but must be completed at once;

2. The tearing angle should not exceed 15 degrees;

3. When trying to press the hand, must be placed flat on the desktop and then pressed, can not be held in the hands of the vacant press, otherwise it will affect the service life of the membrane switch.


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