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Introduction of CNC precision engraving process

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Introduction of CNC precision engraving process

The CNC(Computer numerical control) precision engraving process is simply a process of fine engraving at high speed using small tools. It is a complete set of engraving techniques that have been developed through countless hours of practice.

The CNC precision engraving process has the advantages of speed, efficiency, rich color effects, high product accuracy, easy to modify parameters and good quality.

Compared to die-casting process, it is very difficult to modify the dimensions after the mold has been opened. CNC processing has the advantage of being easily programmed to modify dimensional parameters.

The finish process for products made by the CNC precision engraving process is usually anodic oxidation. Anodic oxidation is the process of forming an aluminium oxide film on the surface of a panel by electrolysis, which can effectively increase the surface

hardness of the aluminium. Steel, Aluminum or zinc are also available for CNC processing. 

Maxswall company has many years of experience in the use of CNC precision engraving process, a mature production system and a complete quality management system. 

We can customize the CNC part according to customer's artwork.

Our main product categories include stamping speaker grille, PMMA, PC, PET panels, membrane switches, heat sinks, post-processing profiles, and LOGO nameplates.

We hope to be your best OEM partner, contact us freely if any item interested you.


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