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Metal parts process and classification.

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Metal parts process and classification.

Hardware processing is processing the raw materials (stainless steel, copper, aluminium, iron...) with lathes, milling machines, drilling machines,

polishing machines and so on.   To process various parts according to customer's drawings or samples, such as: screws, motor shafts, model car parts,

fishing tackle parts, speaker product shells, mobile power shells, etc.

Processes vary according to product application.

Small parts which are used in glasses accessories, auto parts production: Cutting material-die punching-CNC processing.

Container application:  Cutting material-welding,clean and paint, assembly to ship.

For some hardware and small accessories: After polishing,  plate or paint, then welding or tap for shipment.


Metal part's finish can be subdivided into: painting,plating, polishing, etching ,etc.

1.Paiting processing is commonly used in the production of large stuffs. such as: daily necessities, electrical shells, handicrafts, etc.

The painting process provides excellent protection against rust on metal surfaces.

2.Electroplating: electroplating is also the most common hardware processing, to ensure that the product does not rusty, plating processing is commonly used on screws, stamping parts, battery pieces, car parts, small jewelry, etc.

3.Surface polishing processing: surface polishing processing is generally used in daily necessities.

4. Etching is the technique of removing material using a chemical reaction or physical impact. Etching techniques can be divided into two categories: wet etching and dry etching.It is also widely used in the processing of Weight Reduction instrument panels, nameplates and thin part that are difficult to process by traditional processing methods.

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