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The Stamping Metal Parts's Applications Area.

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The Stamping Metal Parts's Applications Area. 

Hardware stamping parts are steel/non-ferrous metal plates that are formed into a specified shape by a press that provides the pressure required for processing, so what are the hardware stamping parts according to application areas?

Following is a brief introduction.

1. Automotive industry stamping enterprises. Such as wheel hubs, gears, etc. mainly based on deep drawing, in our country mainly concentrated in the automobile factory, tractor factory, aircraft manufacturing plant and other large factories, independent large stamping deep drawing factory has not yet seen much.

2. home industry stamping enterprises. Such as aluminum windows, etc., mainly punching and shearing forming. Many enterprises in this sector are grouped in scale parts factories, and there are also some independent stamping factories, with small factories being the majority.

3. Stamping enterprises in the electrical appliance industry. Such as electric rice cookers, washing machines and other constituent parts. This kind of factory is a new industry, following the development of electrical appliances, and this sector of the factory is mainly concentrated in the south.

4. Household daily use stamping enterprises. Doing some handicrafts, such as tableware, etc. These factories have also seen great development in recent years.

5. Mobile phone industry stamping enterprises. Such as, card slot, fixed frame, etc. These factories only emerged after the development of household appliances in China, and most of them are located in household appliance enterprises.

6. Special stamping enterprises. Such as the stamping of aviation parts, etc.


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