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IP Telephone integrated system solution and assembly

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IP Telephone system integrated solution and assembly

IP telephone is a term used in contrast to analogue telephone, and also includes network telephone, Internet telephone, VOIP telephone, SIP telephone, WiFi telephone, etc.

There are four basic components of an IP telephone system: Terminal, Gateway, Multipoint Control Unit and Gatekeeper.

(1) The terminal is an IP telephone client terminal, either software (e.g. VocalTec IP Phone, Microsoft Netmeeting) or hardware (e.g. dedicated Internet Phone), which can be connected directly to the IP network for real-time voice or multipoint communication.

(2) The gateway is the key device for providing PC-to-Phone, Phone-to-PC and Phone-to-Phone voice communication via IP networks and is the interface device between IP networks and PSTN/ISDN/PBX networks and should have the following functions.

a> An interface to the IP network and an interconnection to the PSTN/ISDN/PBX switch.

b> Complete real-time voice compression, compressing a 64 kbit/s voice signal into a low bit-rate voice signal.

c> Complete addressing and call control.

(3) The net gate is responsible for user registration and management, mainly completing the following functions.

a> Address mapping: mapping the E.165 address of the telephone network to the IP address of the corresponding gateway.

b> Call authentication and management: authenticates the identity of the accessing user and accesses illegal users.

c> Call logging: enables operators to have detailed data for billing purposes.

d> Area management: multiple gateways can be managed by a single gateway.

(4) The function of the multi-point access control unit (MCU) is to use the IP network to achieve multi-point communication, enabling the IP phone to support multi-point applications such as web conferencing. IP telephone uses gateway technology. One side of the gateway is connected to a traditional circuit-switched network, such as the PSTN, and can communicate with any external telephone; the other side of the gateway is connected to a packet-switched network, such as the Internet, Intranet, Extranet, etc.

IP telephone principle is simply the use of voice digital conversion technology, the realization of the call is to rely on the IP switch including the gateway, network gate, MCU function, the situation to achieve the exchange of data, IP address confirmation, the realization of multi-point applications and other functions of practical significance, as for the IP telephone customer terminal, in fact, is my focus today to introduce the IP telephone set. The following is a picture of the IP phone assembly.


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