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8 logo techniques for electronics

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8 logo techniques for electronics

Here are some techniques we are using for Logo products, which way would you prefer to?

1. Printing: Screen printing&transfer printing, hot stamping printing with gold and silver effect and UV printing;

Features: Cheap and fast, it can be made on a variety of material surfaces like plastic, glass, metal, etc.

2. LogoSticker: Acrylic, epoxy and other material logo. Paiting or hot stamping silver on the surface and then sticker on the eltronics.

3. Embedding: Metal or plastic bottom to do grinding tool, the metal sheet LOGO embedded in the body.

4. Polishing: Using flexible polishing tools and abrasive particles or other polishing media to pprocessing on the surface of the workpiece. Polishing is suitable for metal surface only.

5. Electroplating: Processing with electrolysis so that the surface was processed with a layer of metal film. It can play a role in preventing corrosion, improve wear resistance, electrical conductivity, reflectivity and enhance aesthetics.

6. Moulds with integral recesses for colouring, hollowing, stamping and engraving.

7. luminous mould + light + translucent material product use environment is more suitable for darker cases.

8. Laser engraving: Carving out a permanent logo  on the surface of the material.

Maxswall company customized different logos according to your requirement. Such as Aluminum nameplate, Nickel Logo, Epoxy logo, PET Logo sticker, etc.

Please kindly share with us your detailed requirement to get a free DFM report.


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