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How can I keep the logo printed on electronic products from falling off

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How can I keep the logo printed on electronic products from falling off when exposed to oil and high temperatures?

When printing logos on plastic products, it is important that the pattern is waterproof and scratch resistant and that it does not fall off or lose its colour over a long period of time. After printing, a layer of varnish (varnish) should be applied to the surface of the design, which will provide a protective barrier.

The temperature of the oil is between 90% and 10% hot at 300°C, which is about to reach the ignition point. Ordinary ink seems to be able to withstand only a hundred degrees, you can find more screen printing ink, perhaps there are inks that can reach three hundred degrees.

If not silk-screen printing, there are other ways to process the logo sticker.

We can choose transparent glass materia like PMMA, Acrylic, silk printing the logo at the reverse,the intention is to isolate the logo and the outside environment. Such as Induction cooker on a variety of patterns, some in the surface are very difficult to fall.

There is also a way to use local spraying, the nano spray paint on the market should be able to meet your requirements.

Chemical etching is suitable for some high requirements, while laser etching can be more detailed and environmentally friendly. Of course, it is also possible to make a clear concave and convex shape on the mould. Another way is to stick or embed other materials on the surface of the material, such as stickers, metal letters, or embedded nameplates.

For example, the metal logo sticker we usually process for the PC. , there is a kind of metal word (can also be a pattern) is pasted on, it seems to be called diamond cutting the words, but the surface requires a flat surface.

Laser engraving is the most economical way to choose if its small batch.


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