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Speaker Grill Mold Design Summary

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Speaker Grill Mold Design Summary

The part of speaker grill is mostly used for assembling audio. There are many steps of speaker grill parts mold design, the following is the summary of speaker grill parts mold design.

After receiving the product drawings from customers, engineers need to conduct process analysis on the structure of the horn grill in the product drawings. For through-hole and blind hole, the depth of through-hole T1 should be ≤ 1.5D2. The depth of blind hole grill T2 should be ≤ 1.8D2, so that the mold strength at the grill is sufficient. The slope of the grill hole needs to meet 10°≥A≥14°, and the thinnest rubber thickness at the grill hole is 0.35mm≥S≥0.50mm.

The diameter of the small end of the grill of the front and back mold should be at least 0.10mm larger than the diameter of the small end of the grill of the front mold. For the grill of the front mold, if there is no glue position on the back mold side, it is recommended to set some tendons between the grill of the back mold side to prevent the glue position at the grill from sticking to the front mold. The depth of the rib on the back side of the grill should be set to 1~1.5mm, so that the rib can come out of the mold without making an ejector. The structure of the grill hole located exactly at the boundary line between the through hole and the blind hole has two forms, completely blind hole form, half through and half blind form. For the grill hole located on the boundary line of the grill hole should be handled as follows: when Y≥0.60mm, H=T2; when 0.30mm≤Y<0.60mm, H=T2/2. when Y<0.30mm, H=0. Such treatment can ensure the strength of the mold.

The 3D drawing of the speaker grill part should also have the face of the large end of the grill, the line drawing of the grill position, and the sectional view of the grill. Copy the face of the large end of the grill from the 3D drawing of the horn grill part as the surface of the 3D drawing of the electrode, and also copy the grill position line drawing and the grill profile view into the 3D drawing of the electrode. As long as the diameter of the big end of the grill and the slope of the grill are the same, the engineer can ask all the grill to be machined uniformly by the deepest grill size.

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