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Anodising of aluminium finished and processes

What is Aluminum Anodising? 

Anodising is coating with a layer of dense aluminum oxide on  the surface of aluminum and aluminum. It has the same chemical properties as aluminum oxide in order to prevent further oxidation. However, unlike normal oxide films, anodised aluminum can be colored with electrolytic coloring.

The processes of the aluminum treatment. 

1. mechanical polishing.

2. chemical treatment to remove the copper component from the surface of certain alloys.

3. cleaning and degreasing (for parts that have been anodised, if they need to be re-anodised, the original anodised surface layer is removed with

alkali or special agents).

4. placing in dilute sulphuric acid as an anode for electrification to produce a surface oxide layer (which is porous and a white translucent film).

5. staining.

6. fixing (heating or closing the pores of the surface oxide layer with chromate solution).

Maxswall customized different aluminum metal parts with the aluminum anodising technology. Such Aluminum nameplate, Aluminum extrusion logo, E-cigarette pipes, etc.


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