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The application and process of metal nameplate

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The application and process of metal nameplate

Metal nameplate are increasingly used in various fields of modern society, widely used in electronic products, home appliances, machinery and civil products. Metal nameplate are mainly made of copper, iron, aluminium, zinc alloy, titanium, stainless steel and other raw materials, through stamping, die-casting, etching, printing, enamelling, imitation enamelling, baking paint, drip moulding, electroplating and other processes.

Metal nameplate are produced through different production processes and have different uses. The products include nameplates, badges, craft signs, cufflinks, photo frames and other craft accessories as well as various types of car signs, electronic products and home appliances nameplates and other different categories of metal logo or nameplate products. Common metal nameplate production mainly include metal flat tanning nameplates, metal screen printing nameplates, metal corrosion logos, metal plating and metal electroforming logos, metal heat transfer nameplates and metal sandblasting logos.

Maxswall company customize all kinds of aluminum nameplate, aluminum extrusion logo, electroforming nickel logo, stainless steel nameplate, CD pattern logo, nickel logo,PET logo sticker, etc. In addition, our company also undertake to customize other acrylic overlays, crystal epoxy logo, plastic logo sticker, etc.

Here are a few of our customised nameplates and their production processes:

1.Material:aluminum1060# Process:cutting material-varnishing-printing-laminating-stamping


2. Material:aluminum process:cutting material-stamping- painting-printing


3. Material:aluminum process: cutting material-stamping-anodizing


4. Material: aluminum p process: cutting material-stamping-anodizing-diamond cutting.


5. Material:aluminum#5052 Process: cutting material-etching-anodizing-coloring-laminating-stamping


If any item interested you, please feel free to contact us.  We are pleased to be your OEM partner.


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