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A Great Start For 2022.

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Maxswall Great Start for 2022

Start of work! 2th February, we back from the Chinese New Year Holiday, and start the work of 2022. Sincerely wishing you all the best for the Year of the Tiger.


Under the leadership of General Manager Mr. Xiao, we held a grand opening ceremony to worship the various gods and goddesses, and to celebrate the gods of the land and the mountains. Incense and candles were lit, wine and offerings were presented, and incense was burnt to pray for good luck, peace and prosperity for the start of construction.


With the sound of firecrackers, everyone prayed for the New Year and wished everyone a prosperous New Year. Of course, we were very happy to receive the red packets prepared by the company.


With the blessings of the New Year and the expectations of the New Year, we set off towards our newest dreams and goals. Let's get our spirits up and take on 2022.


Maxswall deliveries kinds of stamping metal part,  sheet metal part, membrane switch, graphic overlay, control panel, speaker grill, etc.  We hope to be your reliable OEM partner and expecting the excellent relationship in 2022.


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