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Membrane switch keypad testing

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Membrane switch keypad testing

Membrane switch is a very common operating system in daily life, It composed of four parts: panel, upper circuit, isolation layer and lower circuit.

The following is the principle about the operation of the membrane switch. After the membrane switch is pressed, the contacts of the upper circuit are deformed downward to contact the pole plate of the lower circuit to conduct. When the finger is released, the contacts of the upper circuit bounce back, the circuit is broken, and the circuit triggers a signal.  For the number of presses the membrane switch can withstand in this process, we need to perform a key test on the membrane switch.

We will test the keypad of membrane switch by the keypad test instrument. The sampling rate of this equipment is continuously adjustable from 100Hz to 10kHz, and the action speed is continuously adjustable from 0-2000mm/min, which is the leading technology in the industry. The keypad test can accurately control the test load, stroke, test speed, number of tests and pause time through computer analysis. And you can set up a group based on the same test object for easy comparison.

During the test, all curve patterns are automatically generated, which eliminates the tedious action of having to move paper and pencil in the old load curve machine. Especially for the more difficult test of the arc button, you can use the special re-test button to re-test. It is not stored until the graphical results are satisfactory, which greatly improves the efficiency of the operator.

All the information can be stored and easy to understand the operation. The machine can provide high precision load-stroke measurement, and can get completely accurate key and switch curve test.

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