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Membrane Switch Structure Analysis.

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Membrane Switch Structure Analysis

1.The Graphic overlay layer

the panel layer is generally made of PET, PC and other colorless light-transmitting sheet screen-printed with delicate patterns and text below 0.25MM, because the main role of the panel layer is to play the role of the logo and keys, so the materials selected must have high transparency, high ink adhesion, high elasticity, high toughness and other characteristics.

2. The spacer adhesive layer

The main role of the surface adhesive is to tightly connect the panel layer with the circuit layer to achieve the effect of sealing and articulation, the general request thickness of this layer between 0.05 - 0.15MM, with high adhesion and anti-aging; in the production, the general use of special membrane switch double-sided adhesive, some membrane switch requirements can be waterproof and high temperature, so the surface adhesive must also be used according to demand and different nature of the material.

3. The upper and lower of control circuit layer

This layer uses a good performance of polyester film (PET) as the carrier of the switch circuit graphics and screen printed on it with a special process conductive silver paste and conductive carbon paste, so that it has conductive properties,the thickness is generally within 0.05 - 0.175MM, commonly used 0.125MM PET.

4. The sandwich layer

It is in the upper circuit and the lower circuit layer and play a role in sealing and articulation, the common use of PET double-sided adhesive, its thickness varies from 0.05 - 0.2MM; in the selection of this layer of material should be fully considered when the overall thickness of the product, insulation, circuit key package feel and sealing.

5. Reverse adhesive layer

The use of adhesive backing is closely related to the membrane switch and what kind of material is pasted, the more commonly used are ordinary double-sided adhesive, 3M adhesive, waterproof adhesive, etc.

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