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​2021 Fire Drill of Maxswall Company

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2021 Fire Drill of Maxswall Company


In order to strengthen the factory safety work, increase the awareness of fire safety, further training the majority of employees in the event of sudden disasters, master the knowledge and skills of fire escape. Maxswall company organized a fire drill under the unified arrangement of the production department, and more than one hundred employees in the whole factory participated in the fire drill.


With the sound of the alarm in the factory, all employees immediately entered the state of emergency evacuation. The whole emergency drill activity was standardized, orderly, compact and efficient, and they reached the designated position in the playground quickly and orderly according to the escape route set by the evacuation drill program.


Then, Minister Luo Changsong explained the relevant safety knowledge and measures to deal with fire emergencies, followed by a detailed demonstration and explanation of the use of fire extinguishers by staff representatives, and employees went up one by one to experience the process of using fire extinguishers to extinguish fires, and finally Minister Luo Changsong summarized the fire escape drill, citing multiple examples to emphasize the importance and necessity of fire drills.


The successful completion of this fire drill strengthened the safety awareness of the staff, also enhanced the ability of students to fire prevention and self-rescue, so that all employees basically understand the response measures in case of disasters, laying the foundation for safe production.

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