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Dongguan Maxswall July group building activities

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Tug of war


    In order to enrich our company's leisure activities, active corporate sports culture atmosphere, strengthen the communication between departments, enhance the collective cohesion of all departments, and cultivate the collectivism spirit of employees.


Meaning of the activity:

    Through this activity, we deepened the unity of all staff and increased the cohesion of all departments.Create a harmonious and happy enterprise atmosphere.Mobilizing the enthusiasm of employees is conducive to promoting and maintaining the collective sense of honor, which further promotes the unity of the enterprise and the promotion of cultural conservation.

    Colleagues gathered to understand the rules of the game began to group, each to take a high-spirited team name, team song.




Team style display, you can see the maintenance colleagues positive, mental state is particularly good!

Game pieces

Gifts for daily necessities will be awarded


Maxswall a positive, energetic big family, the main line key panel, nameplate nameplate, loudspeaker net cover, look forward to your presence, hope to have an opportunity to achieve your project.Gratitude.Thanks for your time.

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