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Maxswall Donation Activity

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    Living in the coastal city, we are faced with a wide variety of daily necessities and food, it may be difficult to imagine that there are children far away in the mountains (such as: liangshan mountains) may not even have a delicious basic breakfast.

    By chance, we learned that a charity organization was doing a charity sale, and the proceeds were donated to the children in liangshan District of Sichuan province to buy breakfast.The company did not hesitate to buy a batch of cotton scarves for each employee. In this charity sale, two scarves can be purchased for a month's nutritious breakfast for a liangshan child.

    See the children have been received a hearty breakfast.A love in the flow, also let us act together, with love to light up hope, with action spread sunshine, so that every mountain children can grow up healthily.


    Come on!

    Maxswall not only striving to provide famous brand enterprises with a one-stop solution of nameplate, hardware support, loudspeaker net cover and LOGO, but also hoping to contribute to the society. We are willing to walk on the road of love and being loved.


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