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Annual Dinner Party Of Maxswall

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    Maxswall Dinner Party Subject      

    Time like song, lights like a dream.Time flies, and time flies;

    This year, the bumpy road that we tread has become a thoroughfare;

    This year, we will never forget, experienced hope and gain;

    This year, we hand in hand, learned gratitude and growth;

    Those in the past, will quietly go down in the annals of Maxswall.

    To reward the families who wrote this chapter together, Maxswall hosted this annual family dinner, which began with a light-hearted banquet with speeches from the chairman and general manager.

Maxswall management

    Then there is the annual recognition of outstanding management and employees:

outstanding employees

    There is an exciting lucky draw. Congratulations to all the winning colleagues.

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    Of course, the atmosphere of the game is also indispensable, feel the enthusiasm and passion with us !

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