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Maxswall IATF16949 Opening Ceremony

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    In order to coordinate the International automobile quality system, by the world's major automobile manufacturers and association in 1996 established a specialized organization, become the International Automotive Task Force (IATF).

Maxswall IATF16949

    In order to improve the competitiveness of maintenance operation itself and better match customers, Maxswall decided to upgrade the system and fully carry out the study of IATF16949.

It is believed that through learning and practical implementation, the quality and process control of all aspects of maintenance operation will rise to a higher level.

    Dongguan Maxswall  Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to metal stamping, machining, sheet metal processing, screen printing, fine carving technology, eager to become your most powerful OEM partner.

    For more information, please visit to get in touch with our colleagues to consult on the project evaluation,Thanks for your time. 

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