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Video conferencing system solutions Specification

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Video conferencing system solutions Specification。

With the maturity of communication technology, video conferencing systems have become the first choice for enterprise off-site communication, from service enterprise meetings, continuing to telemedicine, distance education and many other forms, video conferencing systems are increasingly perfect and mature.

General video conferencing system can be divided into terminal equipment, communication network, MCU composed of three major components.

Terminal equipment: the most common equipment for video conferencing systems

The video conferencing terminal is the user-facing hardware and contains many common hardware. Its main value lies in digitising the relevant image and sound information and converting it into the data format specified by the service and transmission network.

The communication network : the heart of the information flow

After the data information is collected through the video conferencing terminal, it needs to be transmitted to the off-site video conferencing terminal, it needs to rely on the communication network to complete the transmission work. The communication network is the general term for the various transmission media connected to the video conferencing terminal equipment, enabling the terminal equipment to transmit video, audio and data.

MCU (Multi Control Unit): Information Exchange

MCU, known as Multi Control Unit, is an important part of the video conferencing system. The main role of MCU is to converge, distribute and switch the signals of multiple venues and to control the conference. In fact, it is a multimedia information switch.

The video conferencing system contains a lot of hardware and software,Maxswall provides hardware accessories like lenses, graphic overlay, logo stickers, speaker grille and other metal parts for  video conferencing system.

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