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Maxswall company started the business of car automatical parts processing.

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Maxswall company started the business of car automatical parts processing.

As the foundation of the auto industry, auto parts are a necessary factor to support the sustainable and healthy development of the cae automatic industry. Especially the current auto industry is roaring, in full swing of independent development and innovation, but also need a strong parts system for support.

The world's major car automatic companies have reformed their supply systems to implement global production and global procurement. For example, purchasing from a few system suppliers instead of purchasing from a number of auto parts manufacturers; From purchasing individual auto parts to modular purchasing; From implementing domestic purchasing to global purchasing.

The change in the procurement system of vehicle manufacturers requires auto parts manufacturers to continuously adapt to it, not only requiring auto parts manufacturers to expand their strength, improve their product development capability, achieve system development and system supply, but also requiring them to shorten the development cycle and provide high-quality and inexpensive products. This change has pushed forward the process of mergers and acquisitions and restructuring of the auto parts industry worldwide.

The next decade will see car automatic components meet the challenge of opportunity. Such as the high growth of the domestic automotive market, the accelerated pace of internationalisation of the domestic locomotive industry, the rapid development of the level of independent vehicle manufacturers, etc. Of course there are also certain market barriers, in which the host manufacturers of parts and components supporting enterprises to carry out strict selection and control. At present, our IATF16949 audit is in its final stage and will soon be certified.

If you have a requirementfor processing automotive parts, please contact us in advance to get the free DFM report and evalutation. We Maxswall one-stop supplying  all kinds of sheet metal parts, metal stamping parts, automotive control panels, touch panels, nameplates/logos,etc. with customized production and professional services,high quality standard, we aim to be your reliable OEM partner.


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