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The Establishment Of Branch Company "Dongguan Maxswall Die-casting Co.,Ltd.

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Welcome the new member of Maxwall Group, our branch company "Dongguan Maxswall Die Casting" was established, which symbolizes that Maxswall Group has stepped to a new level.

Group leaders attended the opening ceremony and made important speeches.

Maxswall Die-Casting


Signed by colleagues who attended the ceremony.


The celebration ended in a festive and lively atmosphere,and we look forward to a prosperous future for Maxswall Group. We appreciate our customers' continuous support , and the hard work of Maxswall team members.  We believe that the future of Maxswall Group will be even better, let's cheer together!


Maxswall provide one-stop service to our customers, including metal parts processing (including stamping, CNC, sheet metal, die-casting, aluminum extrusion, stretching) and printing (nameplate, panel, lens, logo).


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No.177 Jiangnan Avenue, Qishi Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
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