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What is PET ink and the applications?

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What is PET ink and the applications?

A Short Introduction of PET ink.

PET ink is the ink developed for PET polyester film printing and PET self-adhesive label. This ink has excellent adhesion and printing performance on polyester film, excellent reproduction of PET ink printing, fine printing, high concentration printing, and excellent results, PET ink also has strong adhesion, soft printing film, good processing, excellent stability of color mixing, soft matte feeling, and good scratch resistance.

PET ink scope of application.

General need for processing printing PET, PC substrate aspects and a variety of labels stickers such as membrane switches, signs, nameplates, PET logo, etc. We are usually using Dahe or Seiko Advance brand ink for our production.

PET ink product characteristics.

This series is a high color concentration, slower drying type ink. Suitable for high mesh fine printing, good reprintability, good adhesion, wear resistance, glue resistance, scratch resistance and post-processing adaptability.

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