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What is Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM)

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What is Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) {with examples}

  • What is OEM?

OEM -- or original equipment manufacturer -- is defined as a company that manufactures a product that is sold to another company, which resells the product under its own brand name. Business textbooks often refer to OEMs as "contract manufacturers.

  • Consider these prominent OEM examples:

Auto Industry: manufactures the steering wheel or the tires on a new car, truck or SUV.

Computer software: A company like Microsoft that sells the operating system used in computers or other digital devices.

Electronics: A company that builds the car radio that is included in a new vehicle.

Manufacturing: A company that builds the engine that goes into a new bulldozer or airplane.

Since Maxswall specialized in OEM production for more than 30 years. Our main OEM business included electronic products’ nameplate,  There are more reasons to align with an Maxswall development company.


Quick response: With the Maxswall, you're dealing with a precision product component expert. 

Quality component: When you ink a contract with the Maxswall, you're getting a production partner with years of experience in building specialty products and components. All parts built by the Maxswall are tested for quality and to ensure they match the partnering company's exact specifications.

Good customer service: Maxswall doesn't only deliver quality products, it's expected to back that product up with robust technical and engineering support.

Warranty: Companies that partner up with the Maxswall should expect to get a manufacturer's warranty.

Adding value to your product. Maxswall also provide a good return on investment to their business partners. Their parts, components and products extend the life of the partnering company's product, thus maintaining top performance and saving money with replacement parts, thus increasing the company's financial bottom line.


Your reliable OEM partner- Maxswall development Ltd. 

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