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Maxswall Company 2022 Annual Team work Activities

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Maxswall Company 2022 Annual Team work Activities

On June 18,Maxswall company organized a very meaningful teamwork activity with the theme of "Communication, Understanding, Cohesion, Win-Win". The Activity lasted for whole day, and the the coach designed a series of development activities according to our team's situation, such as Tower of Hanoi, ZHTX, GTJT, graduation wall, etc., in order to better interpret the theme and meaning of our development.


1. Tower of Hanoi:  Each person can only move 1 disc at a time, move all the discs to the rightmost pole and the size gets smaller in turn from bottom to top. The layout and each person's actions are crucial, thus testing the team's ability to communicate in an orderly manner and to divide up the work.


2. ZHTX: Teamwork to complete a given task while holding the ball on the rope steady. In this event, each team member's strength and handover will directly affect the direction of the ball.


3. GTJT:  In a large circle there is a set of numbers and all team members are required to tap all the numbers in order, a specific sequence of taps will open the door to the treasure. Everyone was bold enough to try and give. This project is a clear and rational division of labour and cooperation, and recognize the significance and importance of unified command.


4. Graduation wall:  Without the use of any external force or tools, using the method of building human ladders, all people must complete the 4-metre high wall within 40 minutes. All of us united as one and completed what seemed like an impossible challenge.


Through this series of activities, it deeply touched that soft place deep inside the hearts of the colleagues, which is a completely different side from the usual work. We all shed hard sweat and tears of emotion at the same time.

For the sake of a common goal, we converged, collaborated, integrated and thus burst forth with infinite power to achieve results and gain honors, and in the realisation of collective values also achieved the display of individual values, allowing us to deeply appreciate the importance of teamwork, including of course team communication and team cohesion. Although it was hard to complete the project together, I believe we all gained a lot from the training.

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