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Maxswall 2022 annual staff health check-up.

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In order to further cultivate the concept of staff health, help staff understand their own physical condition and promote their physical and mental health, on the morning of August 15, our company organized a professional medical team to carry out the 2022 annual staff medical check-up. The medical check-up was mainly an occupational health check-up, with more than 160 participants.

In addition to a number of routine check-up items such as internal surgery, blood routine, electrocardiogram, chest X-ray and ultrasound, the medical check-up also added occupational health noise check-ups and other items involving occupational disease hazards; helping employees to have a more comprehensive understanding of their own health conditions.


Maxswall company adheres to the concept of "people-oriented" and puts the health of employees in the first place, organizing annual health check-ups for employees. This activity is to care for the physical and mental health of our team members, to enhance the concept of healthy living of our staff, and to put in work and life with a healthier body and fuller spirit. We hope that all of our family members will live a healthy life and stay away from diseases.

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