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Etching Steel Filter's applications and features

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Etching Steel Filter's applications and features

Vacuum Cleaner have become one of the most popular appliances that most families often have, and we can easily take care of our hygiene at home with a simple push of a button. Dongguan Maxswall Development is a manufacturer of all kinds of steel filter mesh, nameplate, hardware, membrane switch and control panel for vacuum cleaners and other home appliances.

It is widely used in high-end Vacuum Cleaner, robots, car hoovers and other equipment, which is easy to clean, durable, beautiful, high-end quality and other advantages, greatly enhancing the performance of hoovers, gradually replacing the past plastic filters and PE filters, occupying a place in the market.

Following are our advantages of the etching steel filter:

  • the use of etching process, precision up to + / - 0.01mm. (different materials precision varies)

  •  A variety of material thicknesses to choose from 0.15mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, etc.

  • Customised and complex patterns can be produced in a single process, without increasing production costs.

  •  Adopt double-sided processing technology. The surface of both sides of the product is smooth, no bulge, no pit, no burr, no warp, the mesh is flat and no deformation, no grinding, polishing, flattening after the self-care process.

  • With more than 30 years of experience, our engineering team can accurately assess or modify the drawings in advance and respond quickly.

  • short production lead time, usually 2-3 working days to produce samples, (depending on product requirements.)

  • We cooperate with many famous brands such as Dyson, Casio, Yamaha, with stable quality and delivery time, efficient service and high customer satisfaction.

Maxswall-Your repliable OEM partner.


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